I love to cook , I   cooked to my family and friends  for a long time and I really enjoy it ! sharing time , moments with people I love,  it´s a great experience

Add some coal and light the grill  and  then put  on some meat, pork chops , sausages, chicken and some fish like a trout or salmon it´s  really pretty cool

I would like to share with you a video on the link below with some recipes of BBQ sauces  that will make you the best BBQ Guy you´ve even seen!!

I did  it yestarday to celebrate the 3 month after birth of my little babyboy with meat, sausage,pork and chicken, 7 layers salad, pumpkim puree and some red, white wine and a big cooler  full of cold beers, was awesome!

Let me Know how its was

I will expecting your comments