I saw this movie 2 days ago, and   was  very touch my heart so so deep!

Sometimes we lost the faith,  when we have   financial, health , love life situations… we though God doesn`t love us, doesn`t hear us

 We start to speak loudly: Hey can you hear me? Im talking to you! where are you? Why this happen to me? and forgot the God`s Power and forgot how much he loves us...This movie remember me one important thing: God is real,  and he really love us, we have to trust and believe when we have a bad times he is here with us,

Finally  I can understand the miracles really comes from heaven and they are real,  come from God when you help people ,when you feed them, take care about your dog, sharing food and clothes with homeless, when you go to the church and listen the message ... when you forgive because God is love 

Fully recommended  this movie maybe makes you cry or thinking about how is your faith